TC Training Course

We initially designed our course for onboarding new TCs we hire, but as we explored the broader market, we realized there was a significant lack of practical training. Unlike the “TC Gurus” who mainly teach time management and basic spreadsheet skills, our course dives deep into the actual nuts and bolts of the TC role.

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⚠️ Guru Trap Alert! ⚠️ Many TC training programs teach you to use free tools like Google Sheets. These are fine when you’re only managing a few contracts, but as your workload grows, so will your stress level if you’re not equipped with the right tools.

Inspired to fill this gap, we’ve revamped our course to focus squarely on the real skills you need as a TC. We provide a comprehensive walkthrough of our workflow from the moment a contract comes in, right through to the closing day, sharing insights that took us years to hone.

What You Will Learn:

  • Transaction Coordination: A step-by-step guide to mastering the process.
  • Listing Coordination: Techniques to manage your listings efficiently.
  • Doc Preparation: Become indispensable to agents with this highly sought skill.
  • Pre and Post Closing Activities: Ensure everything is perfectly aligned for every transaction.
  • Boundaries: Strategies to maintain your work-life balance.
  • Contract Essentials: Deep dive into the crucial parts of a contract.
  • Getting Started: The essentials every new TC needs.
  • Templates and Checklists: The tools that will keep your work organized and on track.
  • Dealing with Friction: Tips on handling challenging agent behaviors.
  • Billing Practices: Advice on billing effectively and handling late payments.
  • Professional Boundaries: Guidance on when and how to professionally part ways with a client.

Our course doesn’t just cover the basics. We go beyond to teach key skills like effective client communication, dispute resolution, and advanced negotiation techniques—essential for any TC aiming to excel and forge lasting professional relationships.

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Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or pursue a full-time career as a TC, our training provides the support you need. We even offer something the gurus don’t—a direct line to us through a dedicated Q&A email in our course videos, ready to answer any questions that come up after you complete the course.

🍦Get the Real Scoop!🍦 Forget about fluff. Our course tackles the real-life challenges you’ll face, like dealing with difficult agents and making sure you’re paid on time.

If you’re ready to move beyond generic training and step into a role where you can truly shine, enroll in our Transaction Coordinator Training Course. Our practical, straightforward approach is designed to empower you with the skills you need to provide exceptional service and make a real difference in your career.